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Oklahoma City’s original T-Trak club. Established 2007

COTTEN (Central Oklahoma T-Trak Trekkers Enjoying N-Scale) serves the community of Oklahoma City, OK and its surrounding areas in the state of Oklahoma.

We are Oklahoma City’s original T-Trak club and we are 100% devoted to the expansion of the T-Trak modular train modeling.  As an organization, we do not have any club officers, do not require any annual or monthly dues, and all modules are individually owned.  This allows each member to model any style they wish.  The only requirement is that the track spacing must be of the “alternate” track specifications as outlined by www.ttrak.org. Our mission is to promote model railroading in the form of N-Scale T-Trak modules and bring excitement to the hobby.

The primary content is to inform our T-Trak members as well as the general public with activities regarding modeling of railroads or clubs interest.  Plus, reports of pertinent railroad industry information from other lists, message boards, and media.  We’ve designed this site to provide helpful information about our club, T-Trak modules, local activities (and some not so local) and N-Scale modeling in general.

You’ll also find many of our better ideas and innovations, along with descriptions, diagrams and pictures.  IF that is not enough for you then we will also have pictures of modules, diagrams and more!


What is T-TRAK?

T-TRAK is a modular model railroad system layout that utilizes the KATO Unitrak.  Most modules will be a 2-track mainline and is designed to sit on top of a standard 6 foot table.  The T-TRAK standard includes several scales, but since we are an n scale club, that is what we use.  The T-TRAK standard also calls for the use of Kato Unitrack for mainline tracks.

Because of its small size, T-TRAK allows an individual to have a layout at home on a 6 foot folding banquet table. The small size is ideal for those that are limited on space or are wishing to try new modeling techniques.COTTEN uses ‘alternate’ track spacing (33 mm) called out in the t-trak specifications available at www.ttrak.org.

What is N-Scale?

“N” Scale model trains get their name from the rails they run on, which are spaced nine millimeters apart. They are about half the size of the more common “H.O.” (half “O”) scale model trains, and only a quarter of the size of the Lionel “O” scale type.

The smaller N-Scale trains allow greater amounts of scenery to be created for a more true-to-life look. Smaller, more portable layouts are easily created with N Scale, and much longer trains are possible than in most other scales.


Come by and say “HI” at one of our T-TRAK train shows
Or drop us a line at cottenttrak@yahoo.com

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